Thursday, 28 August 2008

Need a break!

Photography research is seriously the hardest thing on the planet!
But it's good practice for typing. Now I can like even type an entire essay without looking on the keyboard since I'm so used to typing in the dark! lol

And did I mention in perfect English as well, not like MSN english. Lol
Wow, talking nonsense is a real good stress relief tool! Hahaha.
But yeah, can't wait to get my mark for my Autobiography. Pretty scared actually!
Currently reading Breaking Dawn, already halfway through it. Really not wanting to finish reading it but that can't be helped.
Watched a tennis ball bazooka today! Wow, physics is damn interesting lol. You get to build stuff! why isn't it! But yeah even though I'm a Biology student but my teacher was attracted to the display so we went and watched anyway. Ah! It's like fully Biology week next week! Crap.
Oh yeah! Dissecting hearts are fun! Hehehe. Yes I'm evil, but it actually is. My teacher said I should be a heart sergeant cause I dissected the heart so beautifully hahaha!
Yes yes, I'm a killer. Shh! No one was supposed to know.
But anyway, I have so much Biology stuff going on next week, it's not even funny! But I'm pretty sad cause our Biology camp was canceled by the stupid teacher's union and now we only have an excursion.. Jeez! It's not like the teacher's don't like the camps anyway! Gosh. Stop thinking about yourself stupid union people!
I mean seriously their soooo selfish!
But anyway, I think I should get back to my assignment. *Latidatida*

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