Friday, 29 February 2008

Of Insanity

First group outing of the year!
The 5 of us back together again.
Crazy, insulting, stupid, jakoon, annoying, loud, funny, hyper!
And the list goes on....
So anyway we took like uncountable pictures!!!


Thursday, 28 February 2008

Of Rebelling

Normally, it would be the case where the students are the ones being rebels.
But I'm here today in the land down under where people are upside down and have upside down ways.
My teachers are rebelling against the government and going on strike today.
Which mean I get to sleep in. Go to school late. Stay for about an hour and a half. And come home early!
Yes! I love this country.
Oh and they're striking cause they want a 20% pay rise. So yeah, they're fighting for they're rights kinda thing. Only government school teachers though, because private school teachers already have loads of pay. So why bother! So yeah, too bad for my sister. Lalala


Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Of Itching

Today is one of those days where Malaysians who live in Australia (particularly me) regret for coming to Australia.
The temperature was about 37-39'C? So hot man!
And it's not like the sweaty hot.
It's the type of hot you get when you put your hand in the oven to take out the roast chicken.
Yes exactly!
And when the air is not humid enough. Sigh not a good combination.
It makes your skin so freaking itchy! argh!! not cool!
Don't like it! Don't like it one bit!

Well anyways went out with Lili, Monaa, and Lyhn after school today. But Lyhn missed out on the fun cause she had to go so that explains the her not bing in the pics below.

I come in Peace =)

My favorite picture of the day!


Oops missed the head Lili.

Went running around the city today. Found a few things I want but unfortunately for the good of balancing the worlds fairness weight. I can't have them! Ish!
That's all not much to say actually. But here's what me and sis do for exercise.

Think Happy Thoughts

Fuyoh Champion...

Emo Much!


Pose For the PHONE!

I shall bore you no more.

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