Friday, 24 April 2009



Monday, 20 April 2009

Okok I shall not be cruel

Just for you Daphne! =]

I had a really busy week! I even wake up earlier than when I wake up for school!
So here goes!

Went to the beach for some water fun! Got drenched playing this bumper boat thing.
It's so cool! There's like this water machine gun on your boat one!
Photos are unavailable. lol

Sam's (my new friend) birthday. Went about the city looking for him and turns out he was at Chinatown! And man! Their Chinatown is not near the city at all!! So I had to figure out how to get there. I tried calling Wee Tyr to ask for directions but nooo.. he was useless.. wasted my credit.. sheesh.. lol. So in the end I went on tourists mode and went to the info centre and got all these maps my mum used to bring home after she went on a trip. Funny thing is none of them were maps, they were all just buss timetables and stuff hahaha. But yeah they helped. So I got on the tram and went on my way. Silly me went two stops past Chinatown cause I took what same said literally.. sheesh.. Sam isn't very good at giving directions to a lil young lost tourist girl lol! But yeah in the end I made it. The day went on and we just chatted and blablabla untill I got hungry. I said Maccas was unhealthy but went for KFC instead hahaha!! Pathetic.. Met lil ol Dorcas! She's tinier than Mona! Can you believe that! I find it amazing! Hahaha. But well she's in yr 10 so I guess its forgiveable.. But apparently she wasnt getting any taller than that! Hahaha okok lets stop bitching and look at pics! =]

Went to the zoo with my new Adeladian friends! =]
Firstly there are too many pics too fit in here. And secondly they're all on Facebook anyway.
But here's one of the many pictures.

The rest of my days were not much fun except Saturday when I had my first bubble tea in two weeks! Can you imagine their bubble tea is only 3.40 including jelly!!! what the heck! not fair!!!

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Dear Blog,


Friday, 17 April 2009


Dear Lord, I pray that my sister will get better.

Sunday, 12 April 2009


First thing's first.
I'm using a mini laptop from Japan with a touch screen right now.
The touching is cool. But the typing not so
So bear with me if there's any typos what so ever. lol

Here goes.

So so. It's mmy second day here and it's been pretty good =]
I made some new friends from church, so yay for me!=]
(Sister is really annoying tonight...)
Hopefully get to hang with them around this week.
My aunty lives in the most awesomest place ever cept that there's no public transport...
The view is good, there's a lake and when sunset hits its beautiful!

Went to China town a couple of times. Made an awesome discovery that there are no Viets in adelaide China town! hahaha! Unbelieveble! Wonder where they loiter. lol.
(Ps: viets dont take it to personally. Just stating the obvious.and it's my opinion anyway lol hi5 lili)
Haven't tried the bubble tea but will soon enough. Was nearly going to get somewith Jeff and Sam but then uncle came so meh. Oh wells will do will do.
(Man I fell it's like 1.30!!!)

Photos I really can't be asked uploading... I don't have that many though. So doesn't matter.

Okay I shall stop now.
And to all in Perth, I miss you too!! =]

Sunday, 5 April 2009

My computer wouldn't turn on...

Okay. I'm screwed. Not because my computer doesn't work.
But because my pictures are in there. And I haven't saved the recent ones in my hard drive...
slap me. please.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Happy Birthday: Elizabeth Sia

You're seventeen.
And you're getting old.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Serena was bored

So she made corny photoshoped thingys that you normally see being used by lalas... HAHAHA

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