Thursday, 31 July 2008

How to:

Design a t-shirt.

  1. I have no idea!
  2. I can't draw either.
  3. Can someone help me?
  4. Don't even know when's the deadline!
ps: no seriously! I need help.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Haven't Been Posting

It's been awhile... lol. Well not awhile, but longer than usual. So yeah, lol.

I've been reading this really good book called "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer.
Really good book! You know why?! It's because it's got vampires! LOL.
Yes I love vampire love story. I read the book in like less than three days! lol. I was so intrigued with it. Hehe, going to borrow the second book next week!


Have so many educational boundaries next week. Ugh... Drowning in homework.
So, need to wait till the end of the week before I borrow the book. So I can be focused.
I'm sick of the internet now. Tired of going online. Just realize, its consuming to much of my time.
I spend most of my time doing things other than just staring at the comp these days. So that's why I haven't been updating.
I'm really tired now. So I shall just read the epilogue of the book and go to sleep. have church tomorrow so have to wake up early. So yeah, that's all for today. Goodnight everyone.

-It was love at first sight.- mona
-Are you sure? You didn't blink?- me

// serena //

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Never knew how much I missed...

I miss my friends!!!

All of them!!!
Both Malaysians and Aussies!!!
Sobs... don't know why.
Working on a big cardboard.
Gonna fill it up with all my precious photos!
Still have some that I printed last time. *phew*
I miss you Rueann.. just looking at your picture makes me so sad..
I miss camp buddies... looking at old photos...


Tuesday, 22 July 2008

A Change

Loving One Story Houses! =]

Sorry a lil messy =D

Monday, 21 July 2008


Busy On the Phone!

Massive shark! Look at how small my sister is!
Ooh! Kinky! *adriel face*
The Jail
No wonder people are afraid of the dentist!


Did I mention I was in a so called "jail".

The prettiest section!

The interior. So beautiful!
The end!

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Let There Be Light


Wherever I go!
In the path I walk.
In the dark ally ways.
On the glamourous red carpet.
And even! In the toilet! kekeke

Chanel has invented the ultimate flashy shoe!!!

Chanel's Goat Sandals with FUNCTIONING BULB HEELS!

shit man.. lol! 
it even has a switch!! hahaha
now you'll always look flashy! mahahaha

Sarah Yee!

Is a hot ass bitch, which also happens to be the sister that I never had!
I just got off the one hour call with her.
And now I realize how much I miss her.
She was obviously thinking about me.
Because! She wanted to surprise me on my birthday...
And come all the way here.
But too expensive.... sigh..
I hope to see you soon! Love you deary!!!

Friday, 18 July 2008



The result?!
Sleeping 6 am!
Waking up at 1!
and a movie! haha mona and serena episode 2 lol

anyway. anyway! mahahaha i got nothing to say but pictures! lol

oh wait i do have something! hahaha
lol!!! if you dont get it.. ur dumb! mahahah

oh yeah! i have to jot this down for memo! lol(im not good at spellin lol)
MONA! was like! jump! and she jumped right into a wire and hurt herself.. so yeah
you wouldn't understand hehe! =p
omygosh.. im so tired... faster upload la! pictures..

It started wit tattoos on faces.

I'm not weak. She's heavy!
It got a lil out of hand.

Well, at least it wasn't me.

Yeh I got my sister involved. haha

Yes we Love our baileys!

Absolutely not!

Im sooo tired... goodbye

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