Thursday, 15 January 2009


Serena is alive and happy!!! Hehehe =D
Hong Kong is like oh my god!!!
Not the best place to live.. but the best place to shop!
Shit wei! I thought I was gonna come here and not buy anything!
BUT OMG!! I seriously went over my budget... buahahah!!
took over a THOUSAND PICTURES!!!!! just within these four days man!!!
NOOOOO it's my last night here.. sobs..
But oh wells I ate so much!!! time to go home! hahahaha i think i gained a few kilos man..
Anyways... I'm at the lobby of my hotel, the only have like free internet here but not in the room stupid la...
and then summore like you have to use their computers omg i hate this keyboard!!!
Sheeesh... But anyway had the most fun all week! =D
Don't really wanna go back to Msia but oh wells!
Anyways... LOVES!!! =D

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