Thursday, 26 February 2009

Postmen are mean.

Although... they deserve to chuckle and give you a smug if you arrive just five minutes late to hand in a letter to the post office, even though you cycled as fast as you could and wrote the letter with lightning speed just to rush all the way to the post office to send your letter and you're just in time to see the post man smug at you and chuck the bag of letters and leave not bothering to ask if you want to give him your letter so he could go away with your letter so it'll get sent to your dear friend who means a lot to you waiting for the letter in another state just so your friend can receive the letter a day earlier and then reply you quickly so then you can reply them quickly and so you all have fun replying each other while the postmen send your letters around because that's just what they have to do.

All in all, postmen are mean.

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