Thursday, 28 May 2009

A Couple Random Notes

I miss my hubby bubby cherry!!!
yes baby sister! i mean you! i miss you!
Sigh i have cheesecake rite now and i'm remembering the times when we fight for yummy cakes hahaha. want some? its too much for me anyway! and i'm getting fat! it's not good. i eat so much these days! maybe coz i dont have you to steal all my food! hahaha, but yes! i miss you loads hun! and oh yeah. im thinking of buying this bag for you. but i rmbed you dont go to school anymore
but do you still want it? or i can just buy it for myself! haha =p

im eating unhealthy nonsense for dinner.

its hard to study for exams when the pressure of exams is lacking. which is wat is happening to me. it still hasnt hit me that im having exams even after sitting for three exams!! omg! wat is wrong with me! i'm losing it.. omg...

oh yeah. and not to mention how slr's are starting to get overrated!

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