Saturday, 13 September 2008

A Good Week

Thanks God for such a great week. Pretty much had nothing to worry bout except for... well NOTHING! lol

Monday: English Task 3 due [Check]
 Science Hw [Check]
 Science in class essay [Check]
Tuesday: Study for Math test
Wednesday: Maths test [Check: 95%]
Thursday: Studio Photography [Check]
Friday: Zone 3 [Awesome-ness]
Saturday: Gingin [Superb!]
Sunday: Praise & Worship practice

So basically Monday through Thursday was super good cause I dad all my assignments and homework which is good. Phew. Then Friday came and there was Zone 3!!! Wooo!!

Zone 3
Well it's like a laser game thing where you have to wear a suit with sensors on it and you go round shooting people. Yeah them stuff. Well as I haven't played that since I was ten! It was the absolute most fun highlight of the week other than church and Gingin but yeah. Although I have like serious bruises on my thighs etc. I pretty much enjoyed it! Haha =D

Ps: Should have been there Chenny!

So Zone 3 was literally like from 8pm-1am and everyone stayed over at church after that but Desiree was nice enough to take me home cause I needed to rest for Gingin.

Gingin is a place where like there's heaps of farms and orchards and all the beautiful sceneries of the country side. You can have your retro cityscape, your bright city night life but I would rather waste my time in Gingin. It had the ultimate feel of the country side and was like the most stereotypical country side EXCEPT for ALL THOSE ASIANS!!! hahaha!!! Yeah, Asians! hehe.
Lili's relative owned a massive land of fruits and what not, and so they had a barbeque and Lili invited me and Mona. Unfortunately for Lili she was vegetarian so she couldn't eat the meat stuff. But lucky me, I was seriously stuffing myself! hahaha yeah! like literally. Waking up at 8AM after last night is sooo worth it for all that FOOD! hehe. Yeah I'm really greedy hahaha. But yeah, had serious fun! and not to forget the Goats and Lambs! HAHAHA yeah "baabaa is sheep! and mehmeh is lamb lili!" mahaha you're hilarious people. Oh yeah and the world's funniest picture will be shown later in the post kekeke! *evil grins* Be very excited! =D

So as I was getting ready for bed, I thought "wow this was the best weekend ever!" but then I remembered, "oh i even got church tomorrow! yes!" Church is always the best part of the week, especially when I'm able to serve God in praise and worship. Encouraging my fellow friends to praise God together with me, literally it's the best thing. "Dear Lord, I pray that we'll have a good service tomorrow, Amen."

The world's funniest picture!

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