Sunday, 21 September 2008

My Week

Has been colourful.
And also a lil black.

Colourful cause of the excitement and fun.
Black cause of the wet weather.

Did I mention I love Australian TV?
They Fast Track. Muahahaha
That means we get to watch the newest season of Heroes and House first!
Woo! =p

And by the way, my brother listens to classical music.
Why? Cause it actually helps you study better.
Guess it's not a myth. Try it!

Year 12 are having trials and Wendee is super stressing.
She's gay too! She keeps going back to her vomit...
Don't worry. You don't have to try to understand me.

Been going out lots this week. Hmm.
Went round Subi with Chenny a few times this week.
Lili and Mona finally came to my house after so long.
Did photography and took loads of funny pics.
Sorry Joey, but I can't be asked to upload the pics.

And now I'm going to finish.
Girls and their chocolate.
Boys and their toys.

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