Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Of fall back guys and advices

Firstly I actually researched on this topic before I blogged okay! Lol.

If you just look up in Google "relationship advice", like a zillion sites will come out talking about all this crap bout how to maintain a good relationship with your partner and so on. You walk into a book store there will be like a whole section on books containing advice for couples and stuff. Now, imagine the author of these websites and books. How they make money? By people reading and buying their materials of course! So why would these people spend their precious money on these stupid books? I know I wouldn't! lol, rather get a series of Twilight! Well anyway back to the topic! Yeah, cause people in relationships have problems and they feel like there nothing else that can help them. So they go and take random people's advice cause they think that others have more experience and so on. But honestly! Look at Adam and Eve they didn't have anyone and I'd say they turned out pretty okay! I mean common! They didn't have ANYONE else but them during that time! lol. Except for God! So probably that's just all we need! GOD! =]
But maybe then all the fall back guys and therapist wouldn't be so happy... because they won't feel appreciated anymore. Haha. So! I just didn't have any aim to this post but to just speak my mind! Mahaha =p And I have just wasted approximately 5 minutes of your precious life time! [Depends on how fast you read of course...lol]

Thanks for that! I'm awfully content now! =]

"It took 214 crates to ship the Statue of Liberty from France to New York in 1885."

It was from France?!

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