Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Too early in the morning...

It's too quite
Everyone's sleeping
Nothing but this
Snoring, snoozing, dreaming

Too early in the morning
Why am I awake
Can't go back to sleep
Worries running through my head

No one to talk to
Comfort's not there
It's banging in my head
No one to share

I think I'm emo
Guess that's true
I shall go *slit slit*
It's what emos do

This is completely irrelevant
I can say that's a not lie
But I guess it's better
Than letting my soul die

My last exam
Today I say
Tonight I'll kneel
To thank God and pray.


Haha! okay, that poem just DID NOT make sense at all. But it just sums up my morning and what I'm thinking about. Hehehe. Atleast it's better than all them lovey dovey cheezy sleezy thingy magigs. =p

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