Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Eventful Night

Yes Daniel.

So many thing happened cause of him tonight. Hahaha.
Yes and this post is one of them. He made me do this. Lol.

First off, we had a super weird conversation between Lili and Mona.
We went from Vampires to Westlife, emoticons to Lili's boobs, my arse to Joey's unfortunate event.
Yes very odd... Indeed. Can't be stuffed elaborating.

Second, regaining friends thanks to his awesome-ness in persuasion skills. Lol.
Yes Daniel is THAT awesome bahahaha...

Then webcam-ing the night away~! wee! hahaha.
"Would you like some bananas?" hahaha. Yes I know.. You don't get it.
But who cares! I do! =p

But yeah very eventful night indeed! Thanks to awesome Daniel! Lol *applaud* hahaha

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