Saturday, 13 December 2008

Good Morning Sunshine!!!!

Buahahaha!!! I'm so awake!!! Woke up at seven and went to the market to help aunty as usual every Saturday. I think I see a muscle growing!!! Hahaha. I know i know... I'm so hyper!!!

Wee!!! Ate dim sum for the first time this year!!! OMG!!! Hahaha it was so yummy i must say! hahaha
But the again I can't really tell the diff between good and bad dim sum anymore cause it just taste so good! hahaha! And I talked in canto to the waitress and she couldn't speak canto! buahaha! I feel good!!! wee! =] I'm smart!

hahhaa omg.. she's high toodle doo!!!
BTW daniel ur dead!!! hahaha

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