Sunday, 15 March 2009

My Lil Prayer...

Yesterday, Saturday the 14th of March, I was forced to wake up at 6.30am to accompany my grandma to the morning market. It was bad enough I was deprived of sleep for the whole week. But that's okay, it's my grandma. So in the car I prayed a lil prayer that I would have a non-tired day and I would be able to study hard in the library.

And so when I came home from the market(10.00) fell asleep and woke up at 11. Started to panic because was meant to meet Richard at like 11 in the library hahaha. But yeah, got there round 11.45 then was such a good girl studied till 2.30. While studying Richard asked if I wanted to go for a bbq, and as usual I'd say "but I'll be all alone!" and he'd say "I don't know anyone either" and we'd have the usual argument bout how many friends he had blablabla... So I got Lili to come. Went for lunch and then studied till 5. Went to Timezone cause Richard met friends(see! proves my point! you do know lots of people Richard!=.=" jokes jokes =]). Waited in bubble tea for Lili, ate her fruit salad. Can't believe those two don't eat pineapple! =.^!

Anyways, went to party turns out it was tiny! and it was really intruding of me and Lili... we were like "swt richard.. swt.." hahaha but in the end. the birthday girl was really nice tho. =] nice to have met ya jocelyn!
We pretty much just eat, talk, hang around and then GAMES TIME! =D
Man! if you haven't played sardine.. oh hang on. if you haven't played sardine IN KING'S PARK... hahaha trust me! it's fun! and a real challenge to!

bahaha. And if you decide to hide in the slide just make sure you don't fart.. omg... hahaha

But yes. Just wanna thank God for answering my prayer! =] had a really good day!
It was productive + fun!

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