Sunday, 12 April 2009


First thing's first.
I'm using a mini laptop from Japan with a touch screen right now.
The touching is cool. But the typing not so
So bear with me if there's any typos what so ever. lol

Here goes.

So so. It's mmy second day here and it's been pretty good =]
I made some new friends from church, so yay for me!=]
(Sister is really annoying tonight...)
Hopefully get to hang with them around this week.
My aunty lives in the most awesomest place ever cept that there's no public transport...
The view is good, there's a lake and when sunset hits its beautiful!

Went to China town a couple of times. Made an awesome discovery that there are no Viets in adelaide China town! hahaha! Unbelieveble! Wonder where they loiter. lol.
(Ps: viets dont take it to personally. Just stating the obvious.and it's my opinion anyway lol hi5 lili)
Haven't tried the bubble tea but will soon enough. Was nearly going to get somewith Jeff and Sam but then uncle came so meh. Oh wells will do will do.
(Man I fell it's like 1.30!!!)

Photos I really can't be asked uploading... I don't have that many though. So doesn't matter.

Okay I shall stop now.
And to all in Perth, I miss you too!! =]

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