Sunday, 14 March 2010

The "I'm Just Tired" Theory

You know when you ask someone:
"Hey are you okay"
And they reply:
"Yeah, just tired."

They're LYING.
I know this because I do that too.
It's the perfect excuse to get away from having to explain how your past few days have been full of shit because you just lost your cat your mother called to tell you she lost your passport so you can't go back home you're not friends with your bestfriend anymore and you broke up with your boyfriend because he was cheating on you with her and your brother ate your expensive sashimi you hit the camera off the table while you were sleeping and the lens broke into a million pieces and you couldn't use the toilet this morning because there was a cockroach in there and you drank expired milk you have a major assignment due tomorrow which you finished but didn't save and your life just sucks basically.

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