Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Today I woke up and...

Got dressed and took a photo(obviously).

Then I went to get my shoes at the door and oh dear!
I saw foot prints on the wall!!!
It was quite alarming so I went to get a weapon from the kitchen.
(hahaha I know quite heroic aye?)

But then I saw cupcakes!
And boy who doesn't love cupcakes...
The stranger left me cupcakes naww.. how sweet =]
So I decided how harmful can this stranger be if he left cupcakes for me =]

While enjoying my cupcakes I heard quacking ducks!
Oh dear. what's going on now?
So I followed the sounds.
oh how cute!!! look at them.

The ducks were leading me somewhere; so I followed.
And guess who I found!
It's the stranger peeking on my brother.
Oh dear... what a perv... hahaha
It was a good day =]

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