Wednesday, 12 March 2008

At Lunch

Hello!!! It's like lunch time now and i just suddenly had the need to blog so.. ditched my friends and came to students services to blog lol. What a nice person I am. Oh well anyways lots have happen in the past few weeks but haven't been able to write about because I've moved agian! sighs. Wait have I already mentioned this. Hmm I don't think so. so Yeah i have moved. to a nonsense place which still has no internet *sighs*.

Have economics assesement tomorrow and haven't studied nuts! I'm so dead! but teacher said it's pretty easy so I'll be fine.

I miss MALAYSIAN FOOD!!!!! *shouts* and i think its the first time in the whole year i brought rice to skool! I'm happy today! *yums* I love RICE! lol it's sound like a name or something.

Almost died the other day from skateboarding lol. was a lil too adventurous. I fell off my deck while going down hill and ended up with "scales" on my but lol. Not cool wei! Haha then i got my sister to drag me home while i was sitting on the deck lol. *latidatida~*

A few mintutes to class. So i think i better go. See yas! And thanks for reading!


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