Sunday, 16 March 2008

New Poddy!!! New Convies!!!!

I got a new Poddy! hehe mum just bought it for me out of the blue! lol. Its so cute!!! I so Love it! It's not exactly an iPod but it's like so much better!!! It's a Samsung P2(white) and it's like touch screen which is so cool! hah! i don't like your stupid iTouch! so bulky and ugly no style betul! >P

Next up...

Yay! Finally! after so long I bought new convies!! Hehe =D It was on offer so yeah. Was like half the price it should be, so just get it la duh! Like my bro says; "It's an oppurtunity grab it while you can." Lol! I'm serious he said that when i was teasing him about buying so many shoes for himself when he already bought new ones just a week before buying new ones again.Haha! He's a guy and and he has more shoes than me(a girl).

Well anyways presenting!

All Star Double Tongue Low

Colours: Cloud Blue/Violet Grey


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