Monday, 24 March 2008

Good News!!!

My dad came to Australia and brought my camera charger as well! wee!!!
Can take pictures again! Will do!
Don't worry Chermayne I'll have new pictures soon! hehe.

Well anyways it's Easter Holidays now. Hehe
Australians get 5 days weekend. So fun! lalala!
But school starts after tomorrow. sighs so lazy!!!!
Ugh oh well. Anyways very sorry to KAKI!!!
Sorry sorry sorry!!!(sorry continues)
I'm moving house again hahaha!
So this time it's permanent and I'm gonna get my internet okay?!
=D hehe patience is a virtue! lalala

ok so here's some nonsense pics i took during the week with my phone.


Emo Bench *Sit to be Emo*

Sexy wannabe legs

Converse vs Nike

Serena and Eli

iPodder ....(let down. sighs can't live up to that name anymore renee)

Vans On The Floor

Bankai Converse

BumbleBee Car


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