Sunday, 13 April 2008

Gladiator Camp 2008 A.D.

I miss camp!!! No!
Ish! had to go back so early not fair. Missing all the fun jokes we made up haha
Oh and the all time favourite.
"You have to listen yeah? listen! How many angels falling from the sky?!"
hehe yes I know. it's old.. but it was fun!
Miss you guys loads! Pictures!?

Letting time fly.

Can you spot my name?

Subi Youth!

My team banner! Go Hunter!

The other teams.

Session time!


Praise n Worship

Colosseum. lol

Free time

Amanda looks like a lifeguard. haha

Footy prints


Desiree n Suenne

hahaha! Raph.




At the beach

Ning! The name of the choc!

Choc lovers!

Pigging out in the leaders' room! haha shhh!

Dinner time!

Hannah again.

Yummy dinner..

haha heather heather..and another hannah!

them again

decree: speak with a French ascent during dinner!


she's just hyper from staying up too late lol..

me tag!

and finally my fav picture!


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