Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Settled In

Serena is officially settled into her new home.
Yay! Thank You God!
Serena has got loads of new stuff.
This includes: New shoes, new skateboard, new clothes and new furniture.
Serena likes her brothers jewelry lol.
Serena's right leg hurts big time! why? because she was to brave..sighs..she's so dumb.
Serena needs to do her English essay, her photography task3 and not to mention she has her biology test tomorrow. yay! fun... wee
Serena thinks he's gay! Indeed, I agree... lalala
Serena is off to update myspace. haha. Yes, she lied.
Complete summary of life. Oh! and not to mention how God has helped her through her hard times! yes indeed he really did. Thanks God!
Serena also can't wait for next term when she can use digital cameras for photography! yay!.
ps: she really sucks at film camera's lol.
pss: serena says: it's hard la okay! yor. you try producing ur own pictures. sigh..so time consuming must wait for the stupid developer and all.. haih.. but i still love you photography. dont worry! muakx! best subject ever! hehe.
Serena says goodbye now.
That's all on today's update on "The Life of a F.O.B"


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