Thursday, 2 October 2008

No Internet

So many things to do.

No internet to do it.

So why am I able to post this?
Simple! I'm in the state library. Wee
Did two hours of non-stop study on economics!
Hardcore mou! mehehehe. 

Trust me this has not happened before, so I'm pretty proud of myself for doing so. =]
Well of course there was something in it for me. mehehe
*evil grins* The free wireless internet! woo! I love this country! hahaha
They give you so many free stuff and lots of privileges too!

But anyway, that's that. Now moving on.

Yesterday was super awesome indeed!
[sigh, I love my holidays.]

Went to the Perth Royal Show with my family.
OMG! There's like so many things to do man! Seriously!
Yes I know, I know... I'm so jakoon. But what the heck!
Hahaha. Took quite a few pictures.
Played the rides! Scary! Hahaha.
And my dad had a go on the bumper cars with my sis! Omg that was hilarious!
He was so stunned after that! Hahaha. Will get pictures up later.
I sat the merry-go-round! Wee! Good times, good times. hehehe
I felt like a kid again! hahaha.
I was so out of place lor. The sign said "Kiddie Land" sumore! hahaha
Oh well! Who cares! I'm a big kid. =D

[I love pressing the enter button. Random much?!]

My sis got a High School Musical show bag. Pretty cool I must say! There were like heaps of stuff in there! I was gonna get a show bag, but then I couldn't be asked walking.
But yeah, if you decide to come to Perth come round this time of the year! You get to see go to the Royal Show! =]

Okay, and later that night, I went for ICE SKATING! Woo!
I was pretty much retarded at it man! I haven't been skating for probs a whole year!
They had different skates too. They had like the hockey skates instead of the figure skating skates, so had to get used to that. Haha
Lili and Mona we're pretty good man! I don't believe it's Mona's first time! She didn't even fall! Oh well she knows how to rollerblade that's why. And Lili! Hahaha! How's your head honey?
A few little devils we're trying to hit on us. Weird... They think they're Year 11 but I doubt it. They look like Year 9s man! Come on...
One of them like literally pushed Lili ad she fell down and knocked her head. Then she was laughing, and then she was crying. I dunno lah. She was multitasking! lol
But yeah, then she started swearing at them and that fully confirmed she was alright. [hahahaha!]
But yeah, the black one among the group of lil kids was the nicest among them. Although he did call me retarded. Which I kinda agree actually hahaha. Common! I stuffed up the glove.. hahaha

But yeah, my weeks been fun! =] And today's my rest day, although I'm kinda literally bored. So am just waiting for my lil bich!
Oh there she is!


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