Friday, 24 October 2008


Okay guys... you can officially stop screwing me now! I'm back!
Haha not really... Just decided to blog so that I can just burn time in applied info tech. I'm so bored! O.m.g

Well anyways, yesterday night was the dinner dance but instead of going I had more fun hanging out with my lil bich, mona, which is like 10 kg lighter than me! for serious man! she's like the same weight as my sister! omg! hahaha. oh well not surprsing there. But it's so strange cause she freaking eats so much! More than me I must say. She's ALWAYS hungry! Beware... lol
But oh well atleast I'm just the right weight. Phew. Not under weight anymore I guess.. But I'm getting fatter and fatter cause of all the Aussie crap. Lol.

I made up this joke the other night.

Why can you only watch porn in the night?
Because they are pornstars.
It might not be funny to you. But Mona finds it hilarious! =p
Do you know... it takes alot to be creative.
I'm very random. I'm sorry. I'm just so tired.
Tatatata tatata, Take me on the floor.
I'm addicted to the Veronicas.
Mona Mona! Hi5! Scuba dive! hahaha
Wow I can really write alot. My team mates do all the work. Hahaha.
I litarally don't have to do anything. Well I do. But just some. So yeah.
Alice is a good group member. mehehehe. She doesn't give me any work.
I guess she just really enjoys it. And doesn't want me to stuff it up. But yeah.
Jeff IS hot. I'm sorrythat was soo random, but he is la. It's only the truth. But he's kinda too straight. Like not cool enough for his face kinda. Hahaha. Serena you're so odd. I know I know.
She's talking to herself! OMG! help her... hahhaa
"Hello, this is God speaking."
Okok I'll stop now. Breathe. Breathe.
Hahaha. I'm sure if you'res till reading this you must be quite bored and too free. Hahaha.
Especially you mona! I know you are. Don't
You read everything I say. Oh well no surprise there. You love me too much! =P
Don't worry I love you too!
Ok troops that's all for today! toodle loo!
[and no! I'm not going to the toilet!]

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