Monday, 20 October 2008

Raped ur blog dude (mona)

Well currently serena yap has no internett so bare with her for few weeks ..

she sed tht she'll have it next week? ... i wudnt count on it its been 2 weeks .. i must say australia's internet sucks ...

so yehh currently she's dooing perfectly fiine except she's getting a lil bit weird and crazier this daiis not good .. lol nahh its all goood

uhhh today she told me tht she is scrapping so yeahhhhh ... and im the printer girl whu prints pictures for herr .. ==" erghhhhh suure thing serena get ur hopes high .. i tink u need to keep naging me before i actually do them for you lol ..

oh and like saturday? she went camping well half day camping .. she played games wich i dnt rmbr wat she played and wen she went home arnd 5 she went to sleep strait away and now she has sore body ... (hahahaha) too bad she ddnt get to burn a marshmallow :( its okaii serena u cn do it at home just turn ur stove on den get a marshmallow and burn it der lol ..

so yaaahh thts wats happening with serena riite noww 
i shall update more if something happend to drasticly wich it wudnt really happen but yeah ..

serena is getting her ass back on blogging pretty soon ... i tink?

im off y'all 

Pics of her very soon ... embarassing pics i must say brace ur self y'all

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