Monday, 22 February 2010

Beware she is Emo

YES I am emo.
But I guess it's only fair considering the amount of joy and happiness I was given during this three months. A little tears wouldn't kill me.

People contributing to an awesome summer:
DJ Wan
Siew Choon
Chun Kit
Min Chun
The Mels
that one
My family
the pilots that landed excellently(yea I'm random. but seriously i love assessing how well the pilot lands the plane =p )
the nice cute kind shop owners in Bangkok
the chefs at the 101 restaurants I've been to the past few months
my dad's clients that provide the money for my shopping =p
ah there's so many people who contributed to the beautiful puzzle but I know God was the one who put it all together and made everything work. Thank you.

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