Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Holiday Theory

Lately I've learned, that a holiday is meant to be spent with people you love and have fun with. Holidays are for gatherings of old friends and family reunions. Holidays can bring people together in the most awkward relationships :) Holidays let me learn things. Catch up on movies. Let me go shopping around the world. Let me meet new friends. Holidays allow me to see how blessed I am. Holidays make me so bored that I read, draw and take photos! Holidays make me exercise. Holidays make me clean my room. Holidays let me go to places with beautiful scenery and a special person. Holidays thought me how to love. Holidays gave me lots of simcards. hahaha. Holidays make me sick alot.

I've also learned that holidays wouldn't be so treasured dearly if I had them forever. So here's to a new year. And at the end of this new year, an even awesomer holiday! =D

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