Sunday, 11 May 2008

Churchies =]

Today, officially most tiring day I can remember. Lol!
07.20-Wake up to get ready for church.
08.05-Train left without me, so had to walk to church.
08.35-Praise and worship practice starts.
10.30-Service starts.
12.00-Service ends.
12.30-Goes for lunch with churchies at Wagamamas to sorta celebrate Ning's birthday.awws.=]
02.30-Goes for dessert at Sonny's.
03.10-Goes home.

Omygosh!!I am so fully wiped out! but i can still stand to blog about it lol! But coz it's so fun tho! i love church friends! and by the way praise and worship wasn't as bad as I tot it would be. hehehe =P i did good! yay! hehehe. oh well.. that's all for today! no piccys alamak oh wells!

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