Saturday, 24 May 2008

Of Fun and Laughter

hahaha! yesterday was the best man! I had so much fun with the asians and churchies! hehe

Azns: came over to help me clean my house including my lovely God Mum Aunty Joan =). So after a hard days work load, everything was spic and span. So we Started to chill! lol! this includes picture taking and movie making hehe enjoy...

Churchies: Lovely desiree came to get me and sis and took us to church. after awhile we all got into the car and headed for the roller skating ring. it was so funny in the car. coz like everyone was racing and stuff and heather was insane as always and we were cranking up the volume like really really loud! lol and yeah it was fun. when we got there  we were like!! oh no its close! ah!!! lol then dont know how the place suddenly open for us wahahah! special man! lol coz like i think we booked it or something. but yeah we got it like private man. fuyoh haha. omg! i had the best time man! its like ice skating but more painful lol! i've got so many bruises haha coz i kept falling over. wasnt really used to the rollers haha. so yeah but it was so awesome coz we could skate as fast as we wan and not care if we hit anyone coz there's so little people and the ring is so massive! like twice of the sunway pyramid ice skating ring man! whahahaa! anyways we did a couple of games and stuff and yeah it was fun despite all the falling hehehe.

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