Thursday, 22 May 2008

Mi Other Half~

This chick rite here.... ZOMG! such a bitch man!
to serena that means sexi hot friend. BEST friend!
no seriously!
everyone keeps saying she's hot when they look at my pictures
jeez so annoying man! If you want her number its: 0 4 d u m b m o n a
There! so stop telling me she's hot man.
Go tell her yourself.
wahaha oh wait try: 0 4 h o t c h i c k
yeah i think that's probably right

oh well anyways
feel like I've known her forever but we only just met like last year she such bully i tell you!
never underestimate small people! they're dangerous! lol.
she corrects me when Im wrong. listens to my troubles. hits me for no reason. talks about her hair. takes random pictures with me. follows me around for photography assignments. eats all my food. leaves my house trashed. plays with my sister nintendo DS. comes to my house whenever possible. prints my assignments for me. blogs about me all the time. talks to me one time a day which is when i see her at school till we sleep at night. so basically we communicate 24/7. miss each other for no reason. can't stand a weekend without each other. sings touch my body till i got sick of it. distracts me in photography. dyes my hair with and for her. wonders how she can live on hip hop alone. hopes to one day live with her. never want to part from her. will always be there for her! By Your Side Till The End =)

and that's just the half of it! lol yes there's much more to me and mona than you'll ever know! so too bad! byes!

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