Wednesday, 7 May 2008


is fun! lol

We had a car making competition. Yes we did! haha well paper cars that is.
So we were learning bout erm.. Oh i forgot. no wait! specialization! lol yeah.  And so:

Rules: You can only construct the paper car with just the materials you have.
Round 1
Materials: Natural resources. Such as; hands, nails, saliva, mouth, and whatever else you can produce with just nothing. (So yeah, you ca imagine how hard it is to cut out the shapes with just bare hands or teeth! lol)

Round 2
Material: Stuff you normally use such as scissors and glue. Duh!

lol. so yeah that was about it. oh yeah rabbit face! =P lol! i know i'm mean mona.
But what can i say? I was born nice, Lili ruined me. wahahah!

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