Thursday, 14 February 2008


Wow this place is like shit! I've never done so much cleaning my whole entire life! Goodness me. I'm like so freaking tired. Been cleaning since i got home.
I feel like the dumbest person on earth right now. lol. I came home took a shower studied then I took a nap at around 4.45 just now, and I woke up thinking it was the next day already! haha! So I got up wondering why the alarm didn't ring and such and was wondering why my hair was still wet. Checked the time and it was seven.

Me: Is it really seven?!
Dad: Yeah
Me: How come so bright wan!
Dad: Normal what?

Went to brush my teeth and changed into my uniform then went into the room.

Dad: Why are you in your uniform?
Me: Err...
Dad: Haven't bathe?
Me: No?
Dad: Don't want to bathe?
Me: No...*a minute later*...School starts at 8 today.
Dad: You mean tomorrow?
Me: No, today. It's Thursday!
Dad: It's Wednesday!
*after 5 minutes of arguing whether it was Wednesday or Thursday *
Me: Oh!!!!!oh ohoh!! *starts laughing then starts crying and starts wondering how dumb I am*

haha well yes i know I'm really blur..

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