Sunday, 24 February 2008

Of Guilt

How He came and died
For a sinful child like me
How He gave His son
Only to watch Him suffer for us
How He welcomed us into His arms
The wretched people we are
How He always reminds us
That He will always love us
How He is the same
Yesterday, today and forever
How everything He created
Is perfect in every way even when we don't think so

You're right next to me
I just don't seem to see
Happiness you sent me
I care not to thank thee
Instead "It's Your fault!" I scream
When things don't turn out right
But in the end You comfort me
When all hope seems to be lost
You're the very best friend
Anyone could have
I see millions
Thrive to find hope
You are my hope
But I just don't see
My willingness to love you
Is out of reach
I'm almost there
Give me a hand

He loves us
I think we should love Him too


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