Saturday, 23 February 2008

Past Week

Hillary's Harbor

  • Is a beautiful place!
  • Has really nice sceneries to take pictures of
  • Not a good place to go if you're camera battery is dead
  • Good place to hang out with family friends or even just you and your camera
  • Pictures taken with phone.

  • I want in!
  • I got in!
  • So much fun!
  • So much to learn!
  • Dark room, scary!
  • Processing boring but is fun
  • Learned whats aperture
  • Learned how to use a pentax
  • So much more!
Dyed Hair
  • Yupe! I did! lol
  • Such helpful friends I have
  • It doesn't look that bad
  • But it's not perfect
  • So all in all it's pretty good
  • Thanks Mona!
  • No pictures please

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