Thursday, 17 July 2008

It's: LiLi, MoNa, Serena!

oh yeah! SLEEPOVER!

my neck my back my pussy and my crack~!

you are the dancing queen.. young and sweet only seventeen! oh yeah!

stop right now! thank you very much! i need somebody with a human touch~! hey you!

yes yes.. we are high.. we drank a whole bottle of baileys, wine and grapetizer...
gosh.. you know wat that means..

we called like so many random people. totally woke them up man! mahahah!

oo and we met new ppl! lol.. online ofcoz hahaha.

and lili's obsessed with james kidder. gosh... so weird.. he's so ugly! BUT waaaayyyy!! better thahn hugo! mnahaha 

mona!? she's imagining ghost! hahaha she keeps screaming! lol

and me?~! just doing this. but yeh i was pretty high just now kekeke. =p
till we get busy agen! byebye! muah!

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