Friday, 18 July 2008



The result?!
Sleeping 6 am!
Waking up at 1!
and a movie! haha mona and serena episode 2 lol

anyway. anyway! mahahaha i got nothing to say but pictures! lol

oh wait i do have something! hahaha
lol!!! if you dont get it.. ur dumb! mahahah

oh yeah! i have to jot this down for memo! lol(im not good at spellin lol)
MONA! was like! jump! and she jumped right into a wire and hurt herself.. so yeah
you wouldn't understand hehe! =p
omygosh.. im so tired... faster upload la! pictures..

It started wit tattoos on faces.

I'm not weak. She's heavy!
It got a lil out of hand.

Well, at least it wasn't me.

Yeh I got my sister involved. haha

Yes we Love our baileys!

Absolutely not!

Im sooo tired... goodbye

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