Saturday, 5 July 2008

New Stuff

Happy merry smiles!

Serena's daddy decided to be generous and bought her her very own SLR camera!

Now she's just waiting to see her darling. Yee! Can't wait till she gets it!

Still wondering whens the flight though... Please come quick daddy!

Serena's mummy on the other hand got her an external hard-disk so that she'll finally be able to secure her photos and her precious memories! =]

Thank you mummy! hehe

And finally! what did Serena get herself?! A new handbag! finally! after so long! mahaha.
The joy! i love it! Mona is so in love with it. She might get the same one as well haha.
We like practically have identical stuff man!

Anyways, that is all!! nites! =]

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