Thursday, 10 July 2008

My Baby!

Every photographer's dream =]

Yupe! My Canon EOS 400D!

Eek! I just only showing it off because I finally got the time!
Hehe I can just imagine all your faces.
Hehe I know. I know. I'm a brat.
Well! at least i worked for it man!
I actually had to prove to my dad that I really wanted it!
And by doing well in my photography!
I finally got it! Yes!
I can finally take pictures I couldn't take with my lil buddy.
Don't worry D.G. I'll still always love you!
=] you've always been my trusty ol' camera!
Been taking pictures with you for so long!
I love you!! =]
Okok! I need to get a superb name for my new cam!
think think think.
I shall announce it in my next post!
Shall discuss with mona.
Toodles! =]

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