Friday, 13 June 2008

13 jUNE

Serena Has Lost it !!

She is TIPSY ! 

BY !! 

dun dun dun ! !


WTF MAN !.   by cake geez serena yur such light headed. 

the flavur of the cake was irish cream and it contains alcohol . 
well not alot i didnt evn taste any alcohol ....

she's soo stupiid! . .

den we went park....

hmmm. we called mr. khong. 

well it ended upp serena laughing her ass of.

me chocking drinking boost


joeyy . suprised and tinking Wtf?!?!...

- lolol soryy joeyy if yu got shoked by serena stupidity . - 

- serena !! i just raped your bloog well yu logged in so i went on it lol . well love you !> -

ps: Happy Birthday to Adriel by serena.

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