Saturday, 28 June 2008

Rainy Days and Snowy Daze

We're back! with an all new hairstyle! lol
i spoilt the picture...
azn agents! lol
Wat could be better than piggy backs! =D
Diva !!
Tadeng?! oh shit! where's mona!
she's really small..
yes yes.. the fat one is me...
no lili... you can't fly..
to the right, to the right... bend much?!
YOU !!
We love poles! hahaha *hint hint*
and the unthinkable! snow!!!!

Well! It's already 12.25 am and I didn't even noticed man! I thought it was like 9 something!
hahaha I know. I'm hilarious! =D well! today was a rainy day. but really fun indeed! hehe. and it's like my second last day of school. sigh. I'm only going to school on Friday next week. sigh. Don't get to see me bitches... Will miss them so.... Oh well! then again! i get to go to uni and do funner stuff than school! mahaha! =p...

Oh well I'm still sick by the way, so probs won't be able to do worship this Sunday. Sorry Nat!
I'll inform you if I get better?! =]

Have an english speech due on Monday. an EPW maths test on Wednesday.
Parent/Teacher meeting on Thursday (but my parents aren't here. sigh...).

oh oh! guess what i learned in english today!. ehehe i learned that "humpty dumpty" and "mary mary" the nursery rhymes are to do with a king and queen of England. And also, they are actually really bad stuff about history man. Seriously! It's like way deep stuff! and yeah. So I've learnt that nursery rhymes are deeper than they look. lol! nolah.. aiyo.. stupid..

woops...getting really sleepy all of a sudden!
alamak..okok better snuggle up now. hehe ok goodnites ppl!

Ps: missing your voice rueann.... *sobs sobs*

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