Saturday, 21 June 2008

Hair Cut!

Straight much?!
Mona Lisa! (no! seriously! that's her name!)
Jessica Alba much?!

Finally, after many months. Serena had a haircut! Yee!!
Well well. All five of us went for a haircut today yeah!
Yes.. and my hair turned out like Jessica Alba on "Honey" mahaha
Group outing! Yeee! Haircut then Sex in the City!
No! i meant the movie!
It was really good! Haha but so many wrong parts though. hahah
So disgusting! lol. Children with low tolerence of nudity are advised not to watch it.
Ha ha ha. But it was so nice man. the perfect love story and everything! lol
the ultimate chick flick! a definate must see!
That's all! more pictures coming up!
Ps: mona is addicted to Tonight - FM Static because of me. mahahha!

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