Friday, 13 June 2008

Well, well, hi there mona! hahaha and everyone else too!

Yupe! I got drunk from a cake! hahaha how amazing!
So well no you all know! Serena cannot! and i repeat CANNOT drink!
So don't give me any alcohol or watever you people drink.
Or you may suffer the consequences of facing the high side of me. hahaha
Mona can explain that! lol. can't you mona? hehe

Moving on,
Ok, so for youth we had a progressive dinner thingy.
So basically we just went round a couple of places to eat different courses of our meal!
hehe so yeah was pretty much fun all the way! and it was free as well! haha so yeah.
Pretty good. =P too bad joey! hehe
Well well. first we had soup and garlic bread in someone's back yard. gotta admit, the have pretty gorgeous house man! lol. next we had our main course at another massive house! so many rooms i tell you! hahaha. and i was only on the ground floor! haha. but yeah had heaps of food there! so so so much! hehehe. then after went back to youth centre and then like leaders cooked up some hot chocolate and bought two big ice-cream cakes! from BASKIN ROBINS!!
mahahaha! feeling jealous anyone?! kekeke. it was so yummy man! omygosh! lol
so yeah was so full man! i have like heaps of pictures in my camera but too lazy to upload them so yeah. it'll be on facebook everyone! bye byes!
love ya! ta?! =]

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