Friday, 20 June 2008


Everyone needs a home, be it young or old.

A home doesn't always mean family members only.
It could be a place where you belong and is always welcomed.
You find comfort in this home.
Whenever you're down, this home of yours is where you'll go.
You can be who you are and it doesn't matter here.
The people in this home will always love you no matter what.
They accept you for who you are and not what you're made up on the outside.
The gift of love is well around and it overwhelms you the moment you step in.
There's always greetings of affection and care whenever you enter.
Merry hearts and cheerful smiles surround you,
as you sit down and talk about your days events.
Positive advices and great comments can be found here.
You seek help here when all else fails.
Knowing you'll find your one true hope.
This place I call the house of God.
My personal favorite of all other places.

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