Thursday, 12 June 2008

Examo Scoreos!

Well well! I'm not really happy with my scores.

I suppose that says it
Well I haven't actually got all of them back yet but I have 4 of them so yeah
Just waiting for my economics paper. Will get it back tomorrow!
Yay! I think I did pretty bad tho. haha well anyways
I was one of the 30% that passed for English! mahaha! so that's good! yeah!
I feel so proud of myself! hehe. Good job Serena! =]
Sigh. I need someone to be proud of me mah. So shut up!
I don't really remember my scores so i can't really say.
And like reports are not going to be written cause the teacher's union is rebelling again.
aih.. don't do this to me!!! no!!
Haha dramatic much! well yeah. Teacher's are going on strike yet again..
And they want a pay rise. So if government doesn't give it to them then they won't give us the reports..Jeez... give it to them alreadi! Teachers need to make a living as well you know!
Evil governments! so rich sumore! lol. (who am i to say)
Well well shall go off now =D
Bye byes!

-i like you~~~i like the things you do-

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